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RSQ Construcciones Residentials

We perform full residential projects, being able to offer a comprehensive service in a highly competitive market. Demanding projects houses, form a way of working that puts on people and quality our main goal.

RSQ Construcciones Civil engineering
Civil engineering

Our proven technical expertise allows us to take all the guarantees the execution of civil works. Since the full implementation of projects, from the simultaneous realization of earthworks, hydraulic works, structures, paving, urbanization, etc ....

RSQ Construcciones Shopping Centers
Shopping Centers

RSQ has extensive experience in building construction, hotels, parking, museums, shopping centers and schools. In addition, relevant RSQ rehabilitated historic buildings. All this makes our company an international benchmark in the industry.

RSQ Construcciones Rehabilitations

DEMANDING WITH QUALITY DEMANDING WITH RESULTS RSQprogram and analyzes in detail each project, conducting relevant studies to diagnose problems affecting their building. Solve a number of structural problems and construction defects that can affect a building: cracks, Aluminosis, affectations of changes, corrosion of embedded reinforcement, concrete carbonation, cracks, use of low quality materials, etc. reducing the resistance of materials and can become critical to the security of the building. We OFFER THE FOLLOWING SERVICES IN THE AREA OF REHABILITATION: STRUCTURES: Performances of reinforcements or existing steel or concrete structures or reinforcement or replacement of damaged functional elements (aluminous cement, rust, rot, cracks, etc.) Repair or slabs, beams, columns, walls, etc. or performances foundations. FACADES: or restoration and rehabilitation of all types of facades, from the most traditional to the most recent types. or cleaning and treatment of facades. ROOFING: or performances all covered for rehabilitation, repair or conversion. or waterproofing and insulation.

RSQ Construcciones Implementation Details
Implementation Details

Facilities, resources and coordinated and extremely well run team is what has allowed the company to become a leader in its industry and compete successfully in an increasingly tough market.

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