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Like many other companies , we began our voyage of a humble but full of will and entrepreneurship.

RSQ born in the field of building construction in the accomplishment of concrete structures in 1991 growing gradually in other branches of construction : Residential, Civil Engineering , Industrial Construction & Rehabilitation .

Be recognized for being a great company that provides services to large companies in and out of the Community of Murcia , having developed important works from other communities and provinces as Valencia , Alicante , Almería , Málaga , Seville , Madrid, Cadiz etc ... that has allowed today RSQ provides services throughout Spain and internationally.

Its activity has been growing both in volume and diversity of areas in which it operates. Specialization in Residential Building that characterized us in our beginnings , we have gone to have a broad portfolio of projects in areas such as Industrial Construction, Rehabilitation, or Civil Engineering .

Our greatest strength is the professionalism of the team that shapes us , which focuses its efforts on maximizing the quality , meeting the deadline and maintaining a demanding security policy in each of our works , which also apply serveros the criteria of sustainability and environment, to ensure the seamless integration of those projects we undertake .

The assimilation of these values ​​by the template, the urge to grow and constantly improve , diversification and tenacity to maintain its identity , with quality as the flag, have formed a perfect combination that has placed RSQ as a true benchmark and model for your industry .

40 years later, we have the same enthusiasm with which we face our first work and the added value of our expertise and professionalism. We are proud to be located among the most recognized companies.

Mission , Vision and Values ​​

Our Mission

Mission RSQ , is to lead in the creation, management and infrastructure services; contributing to social welfare and sustainable development .

Because we have the most success , being able to provide our customers the best possible service and committing to successfully achieve their goals, expectations and needs.

Preserving the environment in all our activities , minimizing waste generation .

Our Vision

It's being able to meet the challenge of sustainable development through all our areas of activity, so that current and future generations will have a better life.

Values ​​

  • We manage our conscious processes of the need for balance between economic, social and environmental dimensions.
  • Convert experience in agility in decision making.
  • We encourage teamwork and all those involved in the development of projects involving have adequate preparation, and clear objectives .
  • We guarantee working conditions which promote safety and health , achieving growth that is compatible with conservation as a responsibility of the highest order.
  • Excellence in performance and entrepreneurship.
  • Commitment to caring for the environment and therefore in all its activities is present by preserving control systems, saving and recycling .
  • Ensure seamless integration of those projects we undertake .
  • We engage in innovation and development.

Technical Methods and Productive Team

We have extensive experience in all areas of construction . Both residential building and civil , industrial or rehabilitation work, RSQ is supported by an organizational structure that ensures compliance with the most demanding expectations .

Facilities , resources and coordinated and extremely well run team is what has allowed the company to become a leader in its industry and compete successfully in an increasingly tough market .

The machine itself is always the first choice for the job. Furthermore , bet RSQ by using cutting edge construction techniques makes constant for equipment and machinery investment a prerequisite .

RSQ is configured as an integrated supplier of all equipment necessary for the proper development of the works , from topographic measurement equipment and the provision of facilities , cleanliness , transport, fueling , pumping concrete, and the necessary to carry or dig earthworks Paving .

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